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How to Measure Stairs

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To measure your stairs to get a quick and easy quote it is important to take the measurements correctly.  Once you have made the measurements send us an email or give us a call and we will be able to service you better.  The following stair measurements are important:



Total Rise - the exact vertical distance from the top of one finish floor the top of another finish floor.  Measure from the top of one floor to the top of another floor including the thickness of all final floor finishes.  Be careful to keep your measure tape straight and accurate it is also beneficial to measure more than one in case of any inconsistencies particularly at the top and bottom of the stair flight.  See Diagram


Total Run - the exact horizontal distance from the edge of the upper floor to the end of the bottom step.  To measure the total run of your stairs mark the end of the bottom riser as well as the edge of the upper floor on the lower floor.  Do this by using a level or a bobbin from the upper floor to the lower level. See Diagram


Rise Height - measure from the top of one tread to the top of the next tread


Tread Depth - measure from the edge of the nosing to the vertical riser, if the step does not have a nosing it is the same as the stair run.


Number of Steps - There is always one more stair riser than there are stair treads., the number of steps in a set of stairs is always the number of risers, not the number of treads.


Slope or Pitch - the ratio between the rise and the run. It is sometimes called the rake.  The value of the slope, as a ratio, is then the tangent of the pitch angle.

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Headroom - the height above the nosing of a tread to the ceiling above it.


Walkline – for curved stairs, the inner radius of the curve may result in very narrow treads.

The walkline is the imaginary line some distance away from the inner edge on which people are expected to walk. Building code will specify the distance and the minimum tread size at the walkline. (This is best done by one of our professionals, call for an estimate)

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